CONNECT for Business

As part of the CONNECT project, a number of key businesses have been targeted to promote travel behaviour change, carbon emission reduction and to help develop the transport system.


CONNECT for Business

Each of the Workplace travel plans will be coordinated by a personalised CONNECT Travel Plan Co-ordinator who will manage the Workplace Travel plan on behalf of the business.

Once these business have committed to the CONNECT project the business is provided with FREE access to tools, resources , help and continuing support from the Workplace Travel Plan Advisor Melanie Taylor.


Businesses have the opportunity to

  • Conduct Travel to Work Surveys and Site Audits to understand current travel habits and travel patterns of the employees
  • Devise a Workplace Travel Plan for the business from creation to implementation
  • Provide access to Car Share Websites
  • Engage the business into the CONNECT travel plan steering group – an opportunity to raise issues with transport operators
  • Provide Information and resources to promote sustainable transport
  • Create site specific travel incentives and initiatives
  • Investigate opportunities for financial support for quick win initiatives, for example, Cycle sheds, new shower and locker facilities
  • Conduct CONNECTS Travel Road Shows, an opportunity for staff to speak to travel advisors and to find out more about the services provided.
  • Formulate the monitoring and evaluation of the Travel Plan to ensure the plan works for the business sustainably


FREE door to door travel plan service

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