CONNECT for Communities

The Connect for Communities element of the project delivers four programmes:

Communities Programmes

The School Programme

The Access to Work Programme

The Mentoring Programme

CONNECT for Communities


Communities Programmes: involves working with over 40 community groups and organisations on delivering journey planning, promoting sustainable transport and offering travel advice. Schemes available are Wheels around Witton which shows all the cycling available in the borough, including Connect’s cycling group, Refresh offers and British Cycling; Bimbling around the Park is a walking group for low mobility and tackling isolation; Introduction to Bus Travel assists people who are unfamiliar with using buses or struggle due to medical conditions.

Bimbling around the park

Introduction to Bus Travel for Communities

Connect Wheels around Witton

The School Programme: offers healthy travel to school initiatives and road safety schemes.

The Access to Work Programme: offers advice on journey planning and assistance with travel costs for interviews and employment. Cycle to Work scheme advice available.

The Mentoring Programme: please see the mentoring section for information and booking form.


For up-to-date public transport information, including changes to bus services and community options, please click on 


For full brochure or more information contact Cheryl Sandford, Connect Communities Co-ordinator, (01254) 588814 or


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